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All Wales Hate Crime Awareness Week


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is supporting Hate Crime Awareness Week which runs from the 10th to the 17th of October, 2015.


We know that some people in Wales are more likely to be bullied and harassed because of who they are; based on a prejudice against their identity. In response to this Welsh Government has created All Wales Hate Crime Awareness week to increase understanding and encourage victims to report.


Wrexham Council and partners across North Wales have come together to highlight the issues of hate crime and promote reporting to the Police and Victim Support.


Wrexham Councillor Hugh Jones JP, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships and Collaboration and Chair of the North Wales Safer Communities Board said “We know that there is significant under-reporting of Hate Crime which we want to tackle through raising awareness and providing reassurance to victims that they should not suffer alone. I am pleased that Welsh Government continues to raise the profile of this very important issue and I am confident that through partnership working we can make a real difference.”


Hate crime is a crime against an individual based on their identity or their perceived difference. Victims may have been bullied, harassed or abused because of who they are, their sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle choice. The crime may manifest itself as verbal abuse, offensive graffiti, threats, damage to property, assault, cyber bullying, abusive texts, emails or phone calls.


If you have been bullied, harassed or abused because of who you are, or who someone thinks you are then it is identity based hate.


To truly tackle hate crime there needs to be an increase in reporting. Unless the majority of these crimes are reported we will never get a true picture of the problem and nothing will change. To report a Hate Crime:


  • Call the Police directly by dialling 999 if you are in immediate danger, or 101 for non-emergencies or;
  • Telephone: 0300 30 31 982 [Free, 24/7] to contact Victim Support directly. Calls are treated confidentially and you have the option to remain anonymous.
  • You can also report online at
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