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Service helps raise funds for local defibrillator in Wrexham


Staff from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service recently helped support  fundraising efforts for the purchase of a defibrillator for use in the local community.


With rapid treatment critical to the chances of survival, defibrillators can literally mean the difference between life and death for victims of a cardiac arrest.


Neil Upton, Crew Manager at Blue Watch, Wrexham, explains:

“I was approached by the owner of Toppers Hair Salon, Gladwyn Road, Wrexham  to see if there was any way the Service could help to raise funds for a heart defibrillator for use in the local area.


“I suggested using a visit and tour of the new Wrexham  Ambulance and Fire Services Resource Centre (AFSRC) as a raffle prize and this was gratefully received.


“The total amount raised from activities including the raffle was near to £1700. From this fund, the defibrillator was purchased through the Welsh Hearts organisation


“The visit to the AFSRC was won by a lady who donated it to her 8 year old grandson.


“This potential future firefighter enjoyed his visit, and supporting this appeal was a good opportunity for the Service to engage with the local community and utilise our reputation, resources and standing in society to help the community help itself.”


Lifesaving defibrillators are also fitted at fire stations across North Wales.


Funded by Welsh Government, they are available in clearly identified cabinets fixed outside fire station premises where they can be immediately accessed by members of the public.


For more details on your local defibrillator, please visit NHS Direct Wales or click here.


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