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Stay safe while enjoying the World Cup


The 2015 Rugby World Cup is set to kick off in Twickenham this evening and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is appealing to the public to keep safety in mind while enjoying the beautiful game.


Stuart Millington, Senior Fire Safety Manager, said:"We want our local community to have a memorable 2015 World Cup for all the right reasons, and we would urge people to consider safety while enjoying this exciting tournament.


"Cooking materials are the number one cause of accidental fires in the home - and a large percentage of these cooking fires are caused by occupiers under the influence of alcohol.


"Alcohol impairs judgment and ability so we are appealing to rugby fans to avoid cooking after having a drink and to think about the different kinds of distractions which may result in a fire, death or injury in the home or a collision on the road."


Stuart is issuing the following advice:

  • Do not drink and cook – support your local take-away, get some food delivered to your home or get someone to cook for you.

  • Ensure World Cup memorabilia in the home such as flags and inflatables are not positioned close to any source of heat.

  • Do not drink and drive – walk, get a lift, taxi or if in a group organise a driver and take turns to drive.

  • Ensure flags on vehicles are not positioned where they are likely to distract or obscure vision for the driver or any other driver on the road.


    More advice on fire safety is available on keeping you Safe

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