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Denbighshire young film makers promote road safety


A team of enterprising A-level students from Denbighshire have been busy filming crews from Rhyl Community Fire Station in a bid to highlight the risks associated with dangerous driving to other young people.

Adam Dawson, who is currently studying A level courses at Prestatyn and Rhyl High Schools, filmed staff from Rhyl Community Fire Station taking part in a multi-agency workshop aimed at enabling those from other agencies to familiarise themselves with the roles undertaken by everyone at a road traffic collision.

Adam was assisted by two other young film makers, Angharad Davies and Euan Miller, who together are part of FilmTEAM - a voluntary group of young film makers that have worked with people from The Mostyn Gallery, National Theatre Wales and The Gwrych Trust.

Staff from Rhyl were joined by the Revolution Team, Welsh Ambulance Service, RAF Search and Rescue, and Mountain Rescue who were put through their paces in an RTC demonstration to show how they can work effectively together in an emergency situation.

Adam explained: "Film is my passion, and I believe that a large part of film making is telling a story. One story that I felt needed to be told was that which North Wales Fire and Rescue Service deals with on a daily basis.

"I frequently read stories in the newspapers of young people who have been involved in serious road traffic collisions, and I feel that a lot of people my age don't take in the seriousness of the incident when they read about it.

"I wanted to get the message over to my friends, and show them the risks that come with driving. So I decided to contact Rhyl Community Fire Station and create a short film showing the tragic consequences of driving irresponsibly.

"This opportunity has provided FilmTEAM with experience of working alongside a professional and key group of people to ensure the best possible outcome for those involved in serious incidents.

"It's also been an opportunity to learn a variety of new skills within filmmaking. This kind of filming is a lot different to being on set, being able to reset and reshoot if something goes wrong; here we had to work as a team to ensure the best possible outcome to convey the message.

"I'm very grateful to the staff at Rhyl Community Fire Station who let me film their training session. Thanks to them I hope that my film will have a lasting positive impact on young drivers.

"I will also take the skills I have learned and apply them to future projects, that will hopefully enable me to work and film in a variety of different situations, including perhaps looking further into documentary styles of filmmaking."

Kev Monks, Red Watch Manager at Rhyl, said: "It was great to see a young team of film makers come along and film us doing what we do best; and I hope that their work will highlight the dangers of driving irresponsibly, and the catastrophic damage it can cause.

"The workshop is vital in ensuring that everyone who attends an RTC works effectively, efficiently and as part of a team; thereby ensuring the casualty's safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind.

"This was the fourth workshop organised for emergency services personnel, and staff from Rhyl, along with the Chair of the North Wales Emergency Doctors Service and a member of the Welsh Ambulance Service gave a presentation on how they would deal with an RTC situation and what each other roles are. The danger of being a first responder at an incident was also highlighted; and advice on how to avoid such danger was given.

"It was a collaborative effort between all the agencies involved and the demonstration would not have been a success without assistance from the Casualties Union."

Once the film is completed it will be uploaded on FilmTEAM's YouTube page which North Wales Fire and Rescue Service will also be highlighting and sharing on Facebook.

You can also follow them on Twitter @filmTEAM2011

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