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Partnership working with the voluntary sector to protect residents


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service are working in partnership with Voluntary Sector organisations to protect residents in the region.

Staff from the Service, in partnership with the Voluntary Services Councils for Denbighshire and Conwy, held a workshop for employees who work within Voluntary Sector organisations in both counties at the Rhyl Community Fire Station this week.

Kim Waller, Voluntary Sector Coordinator said: "This is the first time that we have held an event like this one specifically to look at partnership working between North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and the Voluntary sector. I was very pleased to see a number of organisations represented at the event which highlights that fire safety plays an important role within their agendas too.

"We want to ensure that the third sector voice is heard and that we as a Service can engage with these organisations at every opportunity and that they can have an input in the way in which we develop and deliver our services to residents in Conwy and Denbighshire.

"By striking up the partnership with the voluntary sector organisations, we are able to get our advice and equipment to those who really need it."

Debbie Doig Evans andSabina Dunkling, the Making the connections project officers at DVSC and CVSC explained: "Our project is all about getting the Third Sector involved in helping shape and deliver public services. Often staff and volunteers in the Third Sector are best placed to ensure services are delivered appropriately to the most vulnerable and by working closely together with the fire service we can really make a difference. I hope we can run further sessions like this one and continue to develop services collaboratively."



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