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Welsh FRS’s Support Launch of New Wales Arson Reduction Strategy


The Joint Arson Group (JAG) has launched a new Wales Arson Reduction Strategy (WARS2) document, with full support from the Fire and Rescue Services across Wales. The document details the primary aims and objectives for reducing arson in Wales from 2012 - 2015.

The new document builds upon the last WARS document, issued in2007 by JAG and the Welsh Government (WG) to provide a clear focus for organisations and individuals working in the field of arson.  In the years since WARS was launched, the overall incidence of deliberate fires recorded in Wales has fallen by 30%.

However, arson remains a very real, damaging and costly problem in Wales. The new strategy will address the problem through focusing upon several key aims. These include: collaboration, multiagency working and community involvement.  It will encourage individuals and agencies within the communities themselves to share responsibility for arson reduction through close ties with the professionals.

Dave Evans, Community Safety Manager, said "I am delighted that we are able to launch this new strategy and am confident that the Fire and Rescue Services, the Police, Welsh Government and communities throughout Wales will be able to work together to identify areas of concern. I believe this new strategy will benefit our on-going commitment in addressing this terrible problem and aid us in keeping Wales safe and free from the blight of arson."

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