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Phoenix Project

Phoenix Project


What is the Phoenix Project?

The Phoenix Project is a fire and rescue initiative aimed at young people aged 13 - 17.

The project runs five day courses across North Wales designed to assist in redirecting the energy of youngsters towards productive and worthwhile activities that will assist in the integration of the individuals with their peers and their communities.

The principal aim of the project is to invest in young people, utilising the skills, experience and reputation of the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service for the benefit of the community of North Wales.

Reducing fire deaths and injuries in the region is more than just providing an efficient emergency response service - by working with these youngsters we are able to educate them about the importance of fire safety and the consequences of deliberate fires and hoax calls.


Who is it aimed at?

The project is aimed at any young person who may benefit from learning and developing through an active and physically orientated medium.

It particularly targets young people who may be or have been involved in anti - social behaviour, bullying or have behavioural problems at school. Other youngsters who are encouraged to attend the course include individuals with low self esteem or confidence, those who struggle to perform academically, those in need of vocational direction and those who have difficulty communicating with others.

The aim is to reform some, if not all of those involved, and help them to become more motivated and positive about themselves, which in turn has the effect of making them better citizens.

What's involved?

During the week, the young people will engage in fire service activities such as hose running drills, fighting fires and search and rescue. They will also learn useful day to day skills such as First Aid, team working, risk management and fire safety.

There are many opportunities for self exploration such as coping under pressure as part of a team and searching in an unfamiliar environment with their senses reduced, dealing with demanding tasks such as working with a ladder and firefighting drills. Throughout the five days, the young people are pushed in every way to draw out the best within themselves, all the time supported by a dedicated team, specially trained to work safely with young people.


There are three 'benefit' areas following on from the project:

For the fire and rescue service:
Reduction in hoax calls
Reduction in deliberate fires and arson
Reduction in fire deaths and injuries
Strengthening links with other agencies
Increased fire safety awareness

For the community:
Less incidences of anti-social behaviour
Reduction in crime
Safer Communities
Stronger Communities

For the young person:
Increased confidence and self-esteem
Improved interpersonal skills
Safer individuals
Vocational skills
Increased sense of direction and self-respect.


To refer an individual on one of the courses please complete these forms

Parent or Guardian referral

Agency refrral form

If you are from Gwynedd or Ynys Môn please send back to

If you are from Conwy or Denbighshire please send back to Gillian Roberts

If you are from Flintshire or Wrexham please send back to Brian Drawbridge

For more information on the project, please contact Olwen Griffiths on 07919548343 / E -mail.

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